Between 2004 and 2006 I was studying metal arts at Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson, BC.  I found I had a natural knack for blacksmithing (with the last name smith, it only makes sense) and really liked hammering that hot steel.
I'm planning on setting up a Smithy on Denman Island. Oli has built a little shelter that I have to put some walls on, and I am slowly collecting parts for my forge, and tools. Soon enough, I'll be making stuff again.

Here are a few pictures of my metal work.

This was my second year "shelf bracket" project, and is my favorite piece. As you can see, I was not going to settle for making a standard, L-shaped bracket.

This is a set of bells I made for Oliver. They are meant to be attached to his kit, which they were until he sold his kit and forgot to take the expensive piece of hardware that I purchased to attach the bells off the kit frame.

This was the first thing I ever made. It was a sample piece - we were to try a bunch of different techniques like leaf making, twisting, whole punching and basket making on one project. 

We had to do a production line and this is what I made. It's a guitar hook. I thought I was being original, but many other blacksmiths have done guitar hooks. 

Christmas present for my folks. 2005.

Some handles - another project. 
Another guitar hook. A little tricky to get your guitar in this one. 
This is a pair of bronze candle holder I made. They are cast, not forged. I won't be doing much more casting in my life. It's a huge pain and an even huger expense. 

A bronze bell

Over the summer of 2006, before I left Nelson, I made a railing for our neighbours.

This is a "light project" I did for design class. The base is forged steel.