Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan 13th - Tour Update

Well, our tour is off to a great start. Tonight we are playing at Henotic Lounge in Lethbridge, Alberta and staying with our good friends Mel and Tyler. So far we’ve had shows in Marathon Ontario, Thunder Bay, and Regina. This weekend we head to Fernie for two nights at The Brickhouse Bar and Grill, and then we’re booked for a few more shows in the BC interior before we head further west to the islands. The tour so far has gone very well, as has the January driving. We agreed with those who said we were crazy to decide to tour in January, but the weather and road conditions have been better than we could have asked for. Right now there is a Chinook blowing through Lethbridge, the sun is shining and the temperature is in the double digits. The temperature in Regina was also unseasonably warm. Thunder Bay was absolutely freezing, but the car started and the roads were dry.
I have been doing a small share of the driving on out longest days. I like driving, but I have no experience with a standard vehicle, and that’s what we have. (Really, it’s Oliver’s car.) I still hold my breath when I have to change gears, but I now longer scream and get heart palpitations.
In Marathon we met Andrew and Bev, the wonderful hosts and organizers of the Concerts in the Parking Lot series. They were very kind to us and amazed us with their dedication to bringing new music to Marathon. They opened their home and their fridge and their hearts, and made us feel very at home. The concert was held, not in the parking lot, but at the Marathon Cross Country Ski Club, which turned out to be a perfect, cozy venue.

In Thunder Bay we met Sheila and her mom, Tina, and Alex the sound guy at The Apollo. They were all amazingly wonderful people as well, and despite the freezing cold weather, both inside and out, we had a fantastic time playing at The Apollo and chatting to out hosts and out audience. Good food, good wine, great new friends. We’ll be back to the Apollo for sure, and we hope that one day we’ll be able to pack the place.

In Regina we played for a very large crowd at Brewsters Brew Pub. It was a loud and rambunctious party, but we had a good time… mostly people watching as we played I think. After the show we got lost in the thick prairie fog, but eventually made out way to our friend Kyle’s house where we stayed for a few days and learned all about lentil and grain farming in Saskatchewan. What is day-to-day life for Kyle was so fun and fascinating for us.
We’re excited to play our next few shows and to see a lot of old friends along the way. We’ve missed the west and are glad to be back.