Tuesday, March 1, 2011

old photo

I thought this was the coolest picture when I was a kid. My dad was in a band when he was in his youth - which to me, at the time, pretty much meant that he was a celebrity at one point.

I thought myself pretty damn lucky to have cool parents. I suppose it was lucky for them that I thought so.  They weren't afraid to tell me the truth about their own interesting pasts, both successes and screw ups and let me laugh and learn from their mistakes in hopes (in hopes) that I wouldn't make so many of my own. I remember one day the kids at school were calling my parents "hippies" and I got so upset I almost cried. When I went home and told them, they said "That's ok. I guess we sort of are."

If I ever get to be a parent, maybe my kids will find at a picture like this and realize that I too, parental unit A, am actually a real person with dreams and ambitions and a little bit of cool.