Monday, February 21, 2011

Rory Jordan-Stevens: The Flowers Are Budding

Rory Jordan-Stevens is just barely old enough to get into the bar and play a set, but the song he sings exposes a soul as old as the earth. His self-produced, independently released EP, The Flowers Are Budding, may well be scientific evidence of pure, unadulterated musical genius. Like some of the most acclaimed singer/songwriters on the scene today, (Hawksley Workman, Ray LaMontagne, Ryan Adams et al.) Rory shows an unfaltering ability to think outside the box of formulas and subject matter and deliver truly unique, unforgettable music that quiets even the rowdiest of patrons. With a satiny smooth, moody-dramatic voice that could belong to someone twice his age, Rory steals your heart as soon as he opens his mouth.

On The Flowers Are Budding  – Rory independently and quite professionally lays down multiple tracks of vocals, guitar, keys, nature sounds and percussion. The result is a heart-gripping ode to some of his most-loved people, places and things, and a six-song album that is personal, natural and faultless.  If this emotion-soaked EP is Rory’s contribution to music at only nineteen, it’s hard to imagine what kind of magic he will produce in the long future that waits ahead of him.

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